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What's included in this package:

  • TV Smart Box (TP-Link WR702N)
  • Power cable for your country
  • £4.95 per month, no contract for our UK VPN Service
  • Find out where we deliver and the costs on our delivery information page

Say hello to my little friend - the TV Smart Box Starter Kit


Connect your iPad, PC, Laptop, X-Box, Smart TV, selected Freesat and Sky Plus boxes and other devices to your TV Smart Box to unlock UK websites and TV services


Two devices can connect at the same time


Good things come in little packages and your Little TV Smart Box (TP-Link WR702N) packs a mighty punch.  Plug this into the back of your existing internet modem or router and just like magic, anything that connects via WiFi to it, such as your iPad, laptop, PC, Blu Ray player, Smart TV and Android tablet will be able to unlock UK websites and services such as BBC iPlayer.  This box is perfect for one or two devices connected at the same time.  Whilst you're watching the latest episode of EastEnders on your laptop, someone else can use their iPad, tablet or other device to connect to other UK services, such as BBC iPlayer, 4OD, ITV Player all for free and Sky Go, Now TV and Netflix with a separate subscription.

Want more? Upgrade your package to included a Now TV box and start watching UK TV abroad

How does it work?

When you plug the TV Smart Box into your current internet connection, it creates a second UK based WiFi network.  When your device, such as your laptop or Sky Plus box, connects to the TV Smart Box, it'll go via our UK servers.  This makes your device think it's in the UK (all without the bad weather!).  We think this is the easiest way possible to start watching UK TV abroad.  There's no complex instructions, rewiring or techno mumbo jumbo, just plug in, connect and enjoy.

Have a question about watching UK TV abroad?  No problems - ask the experts on our contact page.

How much is it per month?

It's just a £4.95 per month or £49.95 for 12 months to subscribe to our UK VPN Service.  This is the part that makes your devices think they're in Britain.  Don't worry, all the settings are pre-installed.  All you need to do is plug in, connect and enjoy.  Once you're box arrives, we'll set up a reoccurring payment for your monthly subscription.  If you want to cancel or suspend, no problems, just let us know at least 7 days before you're next billing date and we'll cancel it for you.

Will it work with Sky Plus HD, Freesat Boxes and X Box 360?

The easy answer is yes.  Sky Plus HD and most Freesat boxes have catchup on demand TV services built in.  Your box gets this content via your internet connection and not the satellite.  When your Sky Plus HD or Freesat box connects via WiFi to the TV Smart Box, the On Demand content is once again available just as if you were in the UK.

X Box 360 can access BBC iPlayer, 4OD, Demand 5, Now TV (pay as you go Sky TV) and Netflix (extra subscription required).

Want more? Upgrade your package to included a Now TV box and start watching UK TV abroad

TV Smart Box Starter Kit works with:

 iPad, iPhone & Apple TV

 Mac, PC, Laptops

 Blu Ray players and Smart TVs that support UK content

 Games consoles such as X Box and Playstation 3

 Sky Plus HD Boxes

 Selected Freesat Boxes with On Demand Services

 Roku and Now TV Boxes

 Google Chromecast

Please check your equipment can install UK players such as BBC iPlayer before ordering. Have a question?  No problems - ask the experts on our contact page.  If you want to be able to catchup on your favourite British shows not only on your laptop, but also on your TV and don't already have any of the equipment listed above, check out the TV Smart Box & Now TV Box

We deliver to nearly every country in the world.  Please see our delivery information page for more details. 

You need to have one LAN port free on your existing modem or router.  Below is a picture of what one looks like:

Learn how to watch UK TV abroad with UK VPN

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